A person or a group who services small character loans at higher interest rates than banks or financing institutions are called money lenders. Due to the risk involved in offering these small loans, moneylenders make it a point to charge a higher interest. Because of many bank loan requirements and due to the fact that most borrowers have less access to banks, they often resort to moneylenders who can easily facilitate to their financial needs. 

How hard up are the economic situations of some of these borrowers? Some have to borrow because of an imminent danger of a property or business foreclosure. Some would opt for refinancing their mortgage so they can avail of a huge amount of cash. For whatever monetary reasons that these potential borrowers are in dire need of, there are the so-called loancredit "hard money" lenders, private individuals or small loan companies, who risk to tread through lending waters and don't come cheap, just to service the desperate and the needy. 

They are difficult to find because they do not belong to the mainstream money lender singapore, but they have the funds to help hard-luck borrowers who can make use of this chance to get out of a bad situation. Often times, "hard money" lenders may be the only borrower's choice. In some special exceptions, brokers and intermediaries can arrange for "hard money" by matching up to people who have available funds to people who have difficulty in getting a loan. 


Putting up a hard money lending business is basically centered into a hard asset, referring to real estate, kind of business venture. Before even beginning to establish your company, consider these factors which may serve as guides to help you frame up the business structure in your company. First is deciding if you will be using your money or you will be inviting in other investors. Second, since the financing will be huge in terms of the amount of loan, you will have to decide, too, if the lending transaction is basically local or go further national and international. Third is to determine what you prefer to invest in from your lending business, will it be real estate based or would it rather be with start-up companies/businesses. And lastly, try to settle on the type of lending transactions that you believe will profit and will have reduced risk. Will your prefer lending your money to technology, real estate development, construction, residential or commercial? All these factors, including the initial backbreaking process of consulting financial brokers, bankers, accountants, lawyers, and market feasibility and research, can help you a lot in this huge undertaking.